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How Long Until My Site Starts Getting Traffic From Google?

Author: Date:2011-1-23 1:01:40

How Long Until My Site Starts Getting Traffic From Google?
This post is part of the Friday Q&A section. If you want to ask a question just send it via the contact form.

Mayur asks:

How long does it take for a new website that posts 2 to 3 articles each day to finally get some organic traffic? Consider that the site and its XML sitemap have already been submitted to leading search engines.

First of all let me clarify that organic traffic is basically the free traffic coming from search engines (e.g., the traffic you get when pages of your website appear in the search results). It’s called organic because such traffic flows naturally and freely from search engines. The opposite is PPC traffic, which requires a special setup (e.g., ad campaigns) and is paid.

Now receiving organic traffic is a very important goal for most website owners, as this traffic is free and highly targeted (i.e., visitors coming from search engines were searching for a very specific keyword related to your website/content). That is why most new bloggers and webmasters wonder what they should do to start getting organic traffic, and how long it takes.

There are basically two factors you need in place to get organic traffic: unique content and relevant backlinks.

If you don’t have unique content Google will not even consider listing your site for relatively popular search queries, as users wouldn’t find what they are looking for on your site.

If you do have unique content but don’t have relevant backlinks, on the other hand, Google will know your content might be of interest to some people, but it won’t take the risk of listing it in search results because it’s not sure about the credibility of your information. Backlinks from authoritative websites inside your own niche act as votes of confidence toward your site and its content in the eyes of Google, and that is why you need them.

So referring to the original question, unless you start getting backlinks you’ll never receive significant organic traffic, even if you publish 2 to 3 unique articles per day.

The reader also mentions submitting the website and its XML sitemap to Google. This step is not necessary at all. If you get the quality and relevant backlinks Google will index your website and its pages no matter what. Similarly, if you don’t have the backlinks you might submit your website every day and it won’t produce any results. In fact some people even argue you should NOT submit your site to Google and other search engines, because that is what most spammers and do, and you definitely do not want to be taken by one.

Finally, if you are working both to put unique content on your website and to get quality backlinks you should expect to start receiving visitors from Google after a couple of months. The traffic won’t be huge, but it will signal you are in the right direction.